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NTC Thermistor


SMD NTC Thermistor

NTC thermistors are available in a wide range of configurations; typical ones include glass-encapsulated diodes, leads with resin coatings, and SMD variants. When temperature protection on PCB boards is necessary, SMD NTC thermistors based on multi-layer technology are the best option.

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MF58D Thermistor

A very basic temperature sensor that is widely used in consumer electronics is the NTC thermistor. A common example of a temperature-sensitive semiconductor resistor is the NTC thermistor, whose resistance value drops incrementally as temperature rises. NTC thermistors are made of mixed oxide polycrystalline ceramics. For various events, different packaging of various materials are employed.

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MF58 Thermistor

Negative Temperature Coefficient is referred to as NTC. The resistance of NTC thermistors reduces as temperature rises because they have a negative temperature coefficient. They are generally employed as current limiters and resistive temperature sensors. A silicon temperature sensor's (silicon oxide) temperature sensitivity coefficient is around five times higher than a resistance temperature detector's, which is ten times higher (RTD). NTC sensors are frequently employed between -55°C and 200°C.

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MF52 Thermistor

The phrase "thermistor phenomena" and "material with a negative temperature coefficient that declines exponentially with temperature rise" refer to negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor, respectively. The finished product, a semiconductor ceramic, is created by thoroughly combining, shaping, and sintering two or more metal oxides, including those of manganese, copper, silicon, cobalt, iron, nickel, and zinc.

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NTC Home Appliances Temperature Sensor


NTC Floor Heating Temperature Sensor N0301

The product line can be packaged using TPE injection molding, ABS shell infusion epoxy resin, nylon shell infusion epoxy resin, and other packaging techniques that are frequently used in low-temperature refrigerators, freezers, and floor heating. Products with plastic shells have high resistance to moisture and cold. performance, high dependability, tolerance to cold and heat stress, and a low yearly drift rate.

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Temperature Sensor For Kettle And Small Coffee Machine Y08

The coffee makers, electronic kettles, milk frothers, milk warmers, and heating elements of direct drinking machines are only a few examples of the goods in this series that have the qualities of a tiny construction, high precision, and quick response time. Products from the Y08 series have outstanding temperature resistance and can withstand temperatures of up to 180 degrees without losing their electrical qualities. Heat conduction makes sure that the product's thermal time constant is (63.2%)2 seconds. To ensure the safety of leakage, this series is built with a ground terminal, which is more in compliance with UL and other safety norms.

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Indoor Temperature And Humidity Meter

This product line can be modified with different shells that are used to measure water temperature in small domestic appliances, fish tank temperature, and diverse environmental temperatures. It uses a metal shell packaging technique called epoxy resin perfusion, which has excellent reliable waterproof and moisture-proof performance. The joint component uses injection molding, which gives it a more attractive appearance. It is waterproof to the IP68 standard and can be tailored for particular high-temperature and high-humidity environments.

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TPE IP67 Temperature Sensor

Packaging technology such as TPE injection molding is widely used in the measurement and control of low-temperature refrigerators and freezers. TPE injection molding products have excellent cold resistance, moisture-proof and waterproof performance, high reliability, and low annual drift rate of cold and heat shock resistance.

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NTC Temperature Probe


Temperature Sensor Probe For Steam Oven

High thermal conductivity thermal paste is used in the Y37 temperature sensor series, which may construct different stainless steel tubes based on the customer's structure. According to the requirements for temperature measurement speed, different stainless steel tubes' appearances can be adjusted, and different characteristic parameters can be matched or adjusted to suit the demands of the client. IPX3 to IPX7 grades can be adjusted to suit the needs of the customer. High-temperature measurement sensitivity and steady and reliable performance are features of this product line.

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Temperature Sensor Probe For Air Fryer

This series of temperature sensors use high thermal conductivity thermal paste, which can design various stainless steel tubes according to the customer's structure. The appearance of various stainless steel tubes can be customized according to the temperature measurement speed requirements, and various characteristic parameters can be customized or matched according to customer needs. , IPX3 to IPX7 grades can be customized according to customer needs. This series of products have stable and reliable performance and high-temperature measurement sensitivity.

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Thermometer Probe

Thermal paste with a high thermal conductivity is used in this line of temperature sensors. It is possible to construct different plastic shafts to fit the structure of the customer, making it simple for them to install. The smallest stainless steel tube tip size that can be tailored to meet temperature measurement speed requirements is 1.5mm, and numerous characteristic characteristics can also be matched or customized to meet customer needs. High-temperature measurement sensitivity and steady and reliable performance are features of this product line.

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Kitchen food thermometer

High thermal conductivity thermal paste is used in this series of temperature sensors, which can be customized to have different personalized designs depending on the customer's structure, different stainless steel tube receiving sizes depending on the needs for temperature measurement speed, and different characteristic parameters tailored to the customer's requirements. Adapt IPX3 to IPX7 grades to customer requirements. High-temperature measurement sensitivity and steady and reliable performance are features of this product line.

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